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New Announcement

TAE’s New PayPal Give Account

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Teens Against E-waste has created a PayPal Give account to receive donations. While most of our activities are carried out by volunteers, there are still legal and IT expenses to run our nonprofit organization. Below is a list of the past expenses, and many of them will be recurring.

TAE is a registered 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 88-0797853)—your donation will be tax-deductible. You can click here or the PayPal button at the bottom of the TAE website homepage to donate. Thank you for your generous support!

If your parent’s employer has a donation match program, please let them know that TAE is a qualified organization. Please note that many companies have a deadline of having donation match requests submitted by December 31st or offer a window of time after the donation is made (e.g., 90 days). Please email us at teens.against.ewaste@gmail.com if you need any additional information.

Branch of the Month Awards

1) Here is the story from Jaqueline Zhou - Troy High Branch

September was a fruitful month for the TAE Troy Branch. With the school year starting soon, we began a campaign to inspire many of our branch members here at Troy to create their own branches, ultimately resulting in 7 new branches being recruited! In addition, to celebrate Recycle Week (September 18-24), we got our branch set up as a club at Troy and recruited many fresh new members (over 55 students put their names down on our sign-up sheets) at a school-wide club fair. This was accomplished with many social media posts, such as through Instagram (our handle is @taetroy!) and posting on our school’s Discord student server. With our club officially established, we began planning our first club meeting. We also introduced a new tradition: cookies for batteries! Anyone who brought 20 or more batteries to the club meeting received a cookie. We’re looking forward to hosting more battery and e-waste collections, as well as developing a stronger TAE team here at Troy!

2) Here is the story from Kevin Waldman - Cambridge VA Branch

Our branch has participated in many Teens Against E-Waste collection activities, including hosting a school drive with a drive-by class party, co-hosting a district-wide Open House battery drive, and co-hosting college campus events to celebrate Recycle Awareness Week. We have also worked with other TAE branches to run battery collections at the weekly Concert in the Park each Saturday during the past summer, where the community donated their batteries while they listened to music. We also hosted the final community drive at the City's Civic Expo as part of the National Night Out.

Additional Stories from the TAE Global Events in September

3) Here is the story from Joshua Lou - Oxford Academy Branch

To celebrate ​​2022 International Recycle Awareness Week, TAE Oxford Academy Branch and Cambridge VA Branch co-hosted two events with college students from the Environmental Club of Cerritos College. We organized a three-week battery recycling event from September 6th until 23rd, followed by a free e-waste collection event on September 24th, Saturday, 10am-2pm. Volunteers from Acaciawood Branch and Troy High Branch also came to help. Together, we collected 20,000+ batteries and 10,000+ pounds of other e-waste! We were exhausted after hours of work, especially when temperatures reached over 90°F, but it was well-rewarding to see community members' enthusiastic responses to recycling e-waste and protecting our environment. The Press-Telegram advertised our event, and the Cerritos College Press Release reported the results.

4) Here is the story from Sophie Saibi - SVINTL Branch

For the TAE global events during International Recycle Week, TAE SVINTL Branch reached out to Warburton Place Senior Center in Santa Clara. We met the activities coordinator, Dee, and collected 159 batteries on the first day. We left a collection box there and will continue working with them!

5) Here is the story from Kevin Li - Bellarmine Branch

We reached out to the president of Penitencia Neighborhood Association and successfully established a partnership with them. We then did a battery collection around the Panitencia neighborhood during the International Recycle Week and collected over 1000 batteries.

6) Here is the story from Caroline Wang - Lynbrook Branch

We continued collecting lots of batteries from a few senior apartments. We participated in the ocean protection event “Sharks and Mermaid parade” in San Francisco and advocated TAE at the event.

7) Here is the story from Juniper Jones - Canyon Springs Branch

This month was an exciting month for the Canyon Springs STEM Academy Branch!  We teamed up with Cerritos College students and asked them to collect and drop off their batteries at specific locations across the Cerritos College campus. One student (pictured above with permission) collected 1126 batteries! She reported that it was a very heavy load. What a win-win for the student and the environment!

8) Here is the story from Ayden Kim - Beatty Branch

I have gone to my parents' shops and placed posters with boxes. In Korean it says collecting batteries. I have also been putting posters on the streets to ask people to recycle their batteries in the provided boxes.

9) Here is a video from Hongyi Lu - Raffles Institution Branch, Singapore

I took this video in a shopping mall called Junction 8 in Singapore. The E-waste bin is in a large electronics appliances shop. Bins like the one in my video can be found in more than 300 locations all around Singapore. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd58mtoLE7B-jk5oEM7Yo2g  - Follow this link to watch Hongyi’s video and other videos in the TAE YouTube channel.

New Director of TAE Committee

Congratulations to Grace Gan from Markham, Canada for being promoted to the Director of TAE International Communications Committee. Kudos for her wonderful leadership and contributions to the TAE community!

For a full list of the committee leaders, please visit the Leadership webpage of the TEA website.   

Other Announcements

Call to Participate in TAE’s Global Events to Celebrate the Upcoming Environmental Holidays

October 14 will be International E-waste Day, and November 15 will be America Recycles Day. TAE is calling all branches to participate in these environmental holidays by hosting or joining some 1MB events (e.g., neighborhood battery collections) or educational projects (e.g., making a video for our TAE YouTube Channel).

Encouraged by Google’s partnership in hosting 1MB battery events in its multiple locations, another good way to participate in the TAE Global Events is to continue the Outreach Project. Bryan Huang and Joshua Lou have given the editor role to anyone with the link to this flyer that Google is using for their 1MB battery drive. Please feel free to customize it for your use when you reach out to other companies. There are two ways to collaborate with the companies (see the Outreach Letter Template), and for your reference, Google agrees to go by the first model: they “collect and recycle, and we report to 1MB.”

You can also be creative in any way you’d like to raise awareness of e-waste recycling and take action. Happy International E-waste Day 2022!

The "TAE Ambassador" Title

As part of the Outreach Project, we will recognize any student leader who helps TAE/1MB establish at least 3 partnerships (verified by having their new logos added to the TAE/1MB homepages) and/or multi-branch projects as a "TAE Ambassador." The benefits to an ambassador include a display of their name and picture on the Awards webpage on the TAE website, and a digital Ambassador badge to add on their branch website. Thank you for playing an integral role in helping TAE make a positive impact around the world!

TAE’s Current Projects and More info

You are strongly encouraged to join the following TAE projects to earn more points:

If you have any questions or need more information, refer to the following resources: